CRC Buttons

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Buttons! Badges! Pins!  Whatever you call them, you know you want them!  Adorn your handbag, jean jacket or trusty old jeep with these awesome custom CRC buttons!  They are $2.50 for the smaller 1.5" buttons and $5.00 for the large 2.25" buttons.  The "Rory to my Lorelai/Lorelai to my Rory" buttons are a $4 set.  You can also get a bundle that includes all six and get a discount!

We have the following buttons available:

- (Large) "First I Drink the Coffee, Then I Do the Things"

- (Small 2-Button Set) "She's the Rory to My Lorelai/She's the Lorelai to My Rory"

- (Small) "Butt-Faced Miscreant!"

- (Small) "Only With My Oxygen"

- (Small) "In Omnia Paratus"