HRC Hairties 2.0 (Set of 5)

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New and Improved! They're a bracelet!  They're a hairtie!  Handmade, hand knotted, and hand dyed, these are made from a soft stretchy material that will NOT tug or tangle your hair!

Great for workouts, races and every-day wear! Keep a few in your gym bag, or wear a couple around your wrist as bracelets, ready for a quick ponytail that WON'T LEAVE A DENT!

You can get the "OneHRC" option that includes one of each of the following:

  • #GryffinRoar
  • #SlytherWin (SOLD OUT)
  • #Ravenclawsome
  • #HuffleTuff
  • #somuchgood
OR you can get a House Specific option and get FOUR of your house and ONE #somuchgood!
NOTE: If you want a DIFFERENT combination of 5, just leave a note when you check out!  :)