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No one likes safety pins. Well, maybe someone who also likes to wear a badge that flashes "Potter Stinks" likes safety pins. But even they probably want away to attach a race bib to their shirt without damaging the shirt.

Time may be wibbly-wobbly, but your race bib shouldn't be!  Headed to a 24-hour dance marathon?  Don't get sidelined by a loose contestant number!

Introducing BibBoards... No pins! No holes! No magnets! They're just like magic!

Patent-pending BibBoards are the world’s best pinless bib number fasteners and safety pin replacements. They attach easily and don’t damage clothes. For years, witches and wizards (as well as high-born Gallifreyans) have been ruining their robes, pricking their fingers, and struggling to secure race bibs. That is, until BibBoards came along!

If you have an event coming up, whether it’s a walk around the town square, a journey through time and space, marathon, half marathon, cross country run, triathlon, duathlon, broomstick relay, or anything else – throw away your safety pins and try BibBoards! Available in Single House Colors, #OneHRC, All Houses, WRC, CRC, or the #OneRTI Set!