Dog Tags

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Siriusly cute! Your favorite (unregistered) animagus can display their Dogwarts House love.

Affirmative! Your K-9 can proudly assist their Master while displaying Official Companion status.

These creative dog tags from Dog Tag Art are engineered to be some of the most durable, high-quality dog tags on the market. Dog Tag Art tags are made from an ultra-strong recycled steel core about 1mm thick. The steel is coated with an everlasting special polymer which allows them to infuse graphics and text using a special process. The final result is a pleasure to hold with smooth rounded edges and a porcelain look and feel. They are manufactured and made in the U.S.

Available in all four House Colors, OneHR(rrrf)C, and WR(rrrf)C K-9. Includes split ring to attach tag to collar or leash. Tags are 1¼ inches (3.18 cm) in diameter, which is about the size of a U.S. Half Dollar coin.