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Buttons! Badges! Pins!  Whatever you call them, you know you want them!  Adorn your school robes with these awesome custom HRC buttons!  Mix and match by picking your favorites. They are $2.50 for the smaller 1.5" buttons and $5.00 for the large 2.25" buttons if you select them individually.  But you get a discount if you order one of the multi-button bundles!  

HOW DO I SELECT MY BUTTONS?!?!  Simply select the bundle you want and then tell us which buttons you want in the NOTES box when you check out.  Easy Peasy!  If you don't put anything in the notes, we'll select the buttons for you!

  • Small Buttons:
    • Hogwarts Express
    • Union Jack
    • Rubber Duck
    • HRC Logo in Four House Colors
    • Always
  • Large Buttons:
    • My Patronus is a Sloth
    • Winslow OneHRC Crest
    • Cookie "Keeper"
    • Kitty "Seeker"
    • Noodle "Beater"
    • Feather "Chaser"

Our deepest thanks the amazing Deb Winslow for creating Cookie, Noodle, Feather and Kitty.  Her artwork is used with permission.