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We did the math and there were precisely 1,328,994,831 requests for "something with Deb Winslow art" made this year...or that might have been in the last month...not sure.  Regardless, here they are!  An awesome 8.5" x 11" Wall Calendar AND an incredible 5.5" x 8.5" "Run Diary"...and both feature the unmatched talent of our own Deb Winslow.  

Now you can have your favorite Cookie, Noodle, Kitty and Feather cartoons in one place while ensuring you remember appointments and catalog your daily fitness activities!

In return for being able to use her artwork, Deb has requested (and we have agreed) that all proceeds from the Run Diaries and Wall Calendars be donated to the Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition and the "Penguidditch Project" to study Adelie penguins in Antarctica!