Twelve Doctors Cotton Shirt plus BONUS 13th Doctor Button

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Introducing the greatest shirt in all of Time & Space! This super-soft cotton shirt features 12 "WRCs" for each of the 12 Doctors! 

But what's this...? "Ah, brilliant!" What's better than 12? 13, of course!! Now you can show your love for ALL the Doctors, including the highly anticipated 13th Doctor, with the original Twelve Doctors Cotton Shirt plus a BONUS brand new (and exclusive to this bundle) 1.5" 13th Doctor Button! 

Wear it to the Gallifreyan High Council meetings. Tell the world (and the entire Universe) that you are a Companion in Training and a proud member of Whovian Running Club!

These shirts are ridiculously soft...softer than Adipose's bum.  They come in men's and ladies V-neck...and the V-necks are "slouchy" and run at least one size big (on purpose).


P.S.  Hey Purists! Before you say anything about the War Doctor...look at the "Y".  :)