2019 Fanthropy Run Diary- Nargle/Cybermite/Gremlin Edition- See Description For Details

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The 2019 Fanthropy Run Diary is here and it's FANtastic! Well, mostly fantastic. Due to Nargles (or Cybermites or Gremlins) in the printing process, the pages were printed glossy like the covers (because the pages have a glossy finish you will need to document in pen), and the covers were printed thin like the pages. But thanks to these little nuisances you have a chance to get your Run Diary for half the price!*

*Full price reprints with heavier-weight covers and non-glossy pages are now available. But these 5x8 inch diaries have all the same artwork and sections to document your fitness journey as their full price reprints at half the price. Please note: all half price run diary sales are final and not eligible for return or exchange.