2016 Crystal Ornaments (On SALE!)

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Happy Christmas!  These limited edition, 3" crystal holiday ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate a year of miles and doing #SoMuchGood, #GoodForHer and #AllonsyForCharity. 

This year, HRC honors a standard holiday gift and our favorite house elf...because One Can Never Have Enough Socks!

And since we welcomed two new running groups this year, we have ornaments for everyone! 

For the Whovians, we want to remind you how important you are to the Doctor and how important you are to us. 

For those in Chilton Running Club, if you're ever trying to write a difficult letter and are looking for the right words, just look at your ornament and you'll be all set.  You're welcome.

If you are a member of all three groups and want all three ornaments, you can get the SET and save!