Knockturn Alley Rally CoolFiber Towel

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Celebrating the Slytherin House's 2016 Knockturn Alley Rally, these premium CoolFiber towels are beautiful and easy to's as simple as Wet. Wave. Wear. Machine washable and great for hot summer runs. Measures 6" W x 20" L.  A critical accessory for any Danger Noodle!

NOTE:  If you signed up for the Knockturn Alley Rally, you get $6 off!  Check your email for the discount code and make sure you enter the code when you check out!  Only one discount per order.  If you are ordering multiple towels going to the same address, split up the orders and leave a note in the comments when you check out. We will refund the shipping on the extra orders which will be shipped together.

NOTE #2: If you "beat the Headmaster" you'll get a special surprise gift in your package!

NOTE #3: We only have 100, so please don't order multiples for yourself the first week.  Give your fellow sneks a chance.  After the first week, it's fair game!